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Heya! Welcome to my website! I'm a NYC-based AEA actor/singer/goofball-for-hire. 

But you didn't come to this website so I could monologue at you...(Though I do have monologues available upon request).


Let's keep this Twitter-length and let my resume do the talking... 



"I Say No"- Heathers: The Musical

(Contemporary High Mix-Belt)

"Sometimes I Wish I Were A Boy"

Lesley Gore (50s/60s)

"I've Heard that Song Before"

(Jazz Standard Up-Tempo)  

Monologue (Serio-Comedic)
"Rock Creek: Southern Gothic" by Lauren Gunderson


"See What it Gets You"

Anyone Can Whistle  (Sondheim)

"Lost the Brass"- Band Geeks

(Contemporary Up-Tempo)

"Love of My Life" from Brigadoon  (Traditional Up-tempo)

"Angel From Mongomery" (Country) 

"Shine"- Spitfire Grill

(Contemporary Ballad)

"Sorrow Done" from We Foxes

(New World Stages )

"Stop Wondering"  (54 Below)

"Pretty Funny" (Dogfight) 


Need more?

Never Fear.

There's A Youtube For That. 



ProDuction Photos 




Tel: 443-562-6160

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