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Actor Sara Glancy playing a guitar on the sidewalk in Brooklyn

SarA Glancy


Headshot of Actor and Public Speaking Coach Sara Glancy, a smilling woman with shot brown hair

“A scene-stealing Sara Glancy”

Past Projects

producition shot from Junie B's Essential Survival Guide to School, an Off-Broadway Musical featuring actor Sara Glancy



"Shine" (The Spitfire Grill)
"Shine" (The Spitfire Grill)
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Sara Glancy sings "Angel From Montgomery"
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Sara Glancy Sings "I've Heard that Song Before"
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See What it Gets You (Anyone Can Whistle)
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Engaging, delightful, and singularly original, Sara Glancy is a shining example of a talented  performer with a singular voice.
-Lyricist Marcy Heisler

A Note From Sara

Hey there, 


I’ll level with you... actor websites are weird


This one included. 


If you click on the videos, you’ll learn what vocal tricks I can do.


If you download my resume, you’ll learn what dialects I can do. 

This website was designed to show you what I, Sara Glancy, can do. 


But here’s the paradox I’ve yet to solve… 


Theatre is collaborative. 


The shows that thrill us, that crack something open inside our hearts, only happen when a group of artists get together and ask:


What can we do?


This is the question I’ve broken the 4th wall to ask you. 


Because while I’m lukewarm on actor websites, I’m pipin' hot on working with YOU.

So I’m willing to deal with a weird actor site if it means you and I get to meet and possibly collaborate.

If you're equally excited about that prospect, please drop me a line in that beautiful contact form below!




Thanks for submitting!

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