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AUdition Rep

You're not a generic actor.  

Stop using generic audition songs. 

AUdition Book Makeover

Professional NYC Rep Coach Sara Glancy will work one-on-one with you to find the songs that will make you stand out in an audition room. And because Sara conducts all her coachings through video conferencing, you no longer have to be NYC-based in order to have a Broadway-quality audition book!

How it Works: 

The "Audition Book Makeover"includes a 45min Zoom coaching resulting in 8-10 suggested songs within 48 hours. 



The Origin Story

Like all great love-stories (from 1990s romantic-comedies) my romance with audition rep started with a bet...

In 2013, I made a New Year's resolution to read a new play or listen to a new musical every day for a year.

Knowing that public accountability is a powerful motivator, I decided to post my discovery on Facebook each day.

I never anticipated the following that began to grow around my daily posts. What started as an actor's personal-improvement project, quickly turned into a promising business opportunity as other actors began approaching me for rep recommendations.

Since then, I've conducted private coachings and group programs with students everywhere from NYC to Beijing.

I've enjoyed partnerships with many other wonderful programs around the city including but not limited to Cap21, Backstage University, Broadway Voicebox, Actor Therapy with Ryan Scott Oliver & Lindsay Mendez, and The Biz of Show.

My mission is to empower actors to take ownership of their auditions. I believe that process starts with falling in love their audition pieces.

So, what do you say?

Ready to fall in love?  



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